Machine Tooling Technology offers 30 years of expertise through former family owned businesses (KMT) Keyseater Machine Tooling and Wings Machinery. Our compatible parts and tooling are manufactured in Canada by Keyway Tooling Company, which has been supplying the keyseater industry for 30 years. We carry new compatible insert cutters for Mitts & Merrill™ and Morrison™. We offer and stock most tooling including post, feed wedges, cutter bars, clamps step bushings, etc. We also carry an extensive inventory of used cutters, cutter bars, feed wedges, clamps step bushings and posts. MTT products are compatible replacement parts and tooling are not manufactured by the original manufacturer, Mitts & Merrill™, L.P. and D.C. Morrison™ Company. MTT is not an authorized dealer or affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Mitts & Merrill™ or Morrison™ and none of the MTT products are sold, distributed, and/or offered by Mitts & Merrill™ or Morrison™. Mitts & Merrill™ is a trademark owned by Mitts & Merrill™, L.P. and Morrison™ is a trademark owned by D.C. Morrison™ Company.

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Used Mitts & Merril™ Equipment

Compatible Tooling for Mitts & Merril™ Keyseaters

Used Morrison™ Equipment

Compatible Tooling for Morrison™ Keyseaters